We possess the License for the building road structures (bridges) for national first and second category roads

World heritage sites

Works on interior and exterior of the St. Pavle church in Kotor

Architectural works on the exterior of the Gracanica Monastery, the Church of the Annunciation

Conservation and presentation of structures II and II in the northern part of the Studenica Monastery

Restoration of wall paintings of the Throne of Good`s Mother of the Peć Patriarchate, Kosovo

Restoration of wall paintings of the Church of Mother of God Odigitrija of the Peć Patriarchate, Kosovo

Conservation of Gračanica Charter in Gračanica Monastery, Kosovo

Conservation of the wall paintings of the Southern paraclis in Gračanica Monastery, Kosovo

Restoration of frescos of the Southern Porch of the Christ Pantocrator Church of Dečani Monastery, Kosovo

Restoration of the frescos of the St. Nicolas chapel of Dečani Monastery, Kosovo

Rehabilitation of northwest structures of the monastery complex in Sopoćani

Performing conservation and restoration works on the wall paintings from XII and XIV century in the nave, on the east wall and the north wall of the Virgin’s Church in the monastery Studenica

Works on conservation and presentation of archaeological remains in the churchyard of the Studenica Monastery