We possess the License for the building road structures (bridges) for national first and second category roads

Cultural heritage of great importance

Restoration, rehabilitation and adaptation of the National Museum in Belgrade

Facade and the facade joinery of the National Museum in Belgrade

Conservation and restoration work on the paintings and painting ornaments in The National museum, Pančevo

Rehabilitation and capital maintenance of house in the birthplace complex of Vojvoda Stepa Stepanovic in Kumodraž

Restoration and revitalization of the street and yard façades od the Belgrade Cooperative building in Karađorđeva Street

Conservation and restoration works on rehabilitation and reconstruction of left lighthouse at the confluence of the Danube and Tamiš

Research and preparatory works on the front facade of the National Museum in Belgrade

Investment maintaining of the roof of the Božić`s house – Museum of Theatrical Arts of Serbia

Reconstruction and restoration of the wooden church in Vranić

Rančić`s house in Grocka