Welcome to KOTO


KOTO LTD, Company for construction, renewal and reconstruction of buildings, was founded in 1992.

More than 30 years of successful business

Main activities of the Company have been expanded from its foundation, in accordance with the scope of work expansion. During the 90’s, we mostly performed construction work on adaptation, reconstruction and appendage of family residential homes. In the mid-nineties, we started cleaning and technical maintenance of monuments and facades, as well as restoration and rehabilitation of various facilities in the Belgrade Fortress. The next decade brings construction works on roads and bridges in Serbia.

Since we possess a license for designing and performing works on cultural property of great importance, conservation and restoration works eventually became specialty of our company, and include works on towers, museums, national architecture, facades, monuments, churches and monasteries. Owing to the team of top professionals, dedicated work, professional attitude and quality of the works, we managed to build good cooperation with investors such as UNESCO and the European Union, and also, no less important,  municipal and republic institutions, with the aim of restoring, protecting and preserving monuments of culture.

In addition to conservation and restoration work, we can also provide you services that include building construction, civil engineering, rehabilitation, electrical, plumbing and drainage systems, thermo-technical installations, tin works etc. Types of works performed during construction include rough construction works, masonry works, earth works, craft works, specialized works, technical documentation, supervision, and the like.

Conservation and restoration


Over the years, our team became more numerous and competitive, and we can proudly say that we have become an absolute leader in the region in the field of conservation and restoration, especially on historical monuments.